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Oct 24 2012

Display Data and Percentages in Pie Chart – Web Intelligence

Category: Business ObjectsTauseef @ 10:00 pm

Applies to: SAP Business Objects BI 4.0 Summary: The document address a solution to display values and percentages in a Pie Chart in Web Intelligence. In BI 4.0 the values and percentages are displayed when you hover over the Pie but if a user were to use a static version of this where they either […]

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Aug 21 2012

Tables and Charts as Input Controls BI 4.0

Category: Business ObjectsTauseef @ 10:00 pm

Scenario :- This post discusses using Charts and Tables as Input Control. Resolution :- I started by creating a query against efashion Universe. I have selected objects [Year], [Quarter], [Sales Revenue], [Quantity Sold] in my Result Objects pane. Run the query and create a Pie chart using [Year] and [Quantity Sold] and create a horizontal […]

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Jun 18 2012

Check Suppressed Reboot State

Category: Administration,Business ObjectsTauseef @ 10:00 pm

Scenario :-  Installed Client Tools for BI 4.0 rebooted system trying to install BI Platform Client tools 4.0 Sp2 Patch 15 getting error for suppressed reboot. Check suppressed reboot state – Critical – Missing You reboot the server but you continue receiving the same message and the installation cannot continue   Resolution :-  I faced […]

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Apr 09 2012

Sorting Columns Dynamically

Category: Business ObjectsTauseef @ 1:39 am

Scenario :-   By default we can sort on a column in descending or ascending order or apply custom sort but recently i had a scenario where the user wanted to sort on different columns based on users choice. The report contains 4 columns State, Discount, Quantity Sold, Sales Revenue. We would like to sort […]

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