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Aug 21 2012

Tables and Charts as Input Controls BI 4.0

Category: Business ObjectsTauseef @ 10:00 pm

Scenario :- This post discusses using Charts and Tables as Input Control. Resolution :- I started by creating a query against efashion Universe. I have selected objects [Year], [Quarter], [Sales Revenue], [Quantity Sold] in my Result Objects pane. Run the query and create a Pie chart using [Year] and [Quantity Sold] and create a horizontal […]

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Jul 17 2012

Compare Open Document BI 4.0 vs XI 3.1

Category: Business ObjectsTauseef @ 10:00 pm

With the recent release of Business Objects latest version BI 4.0 there have been several changes to different features within Business Objects. The current post compares Open Document functionality between BI 4.0 and XI R3.1. You can get to the details by using the link below. I have published a document on SAP Community Network. […]

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Jun 18 2012

Check Suppressed Reboot State

Category: Administration,Business ObjectsTauseef @ 10:00 pm

Scenario :-  Installed Client Tools for BI 4.0 rebooted system trying to install BI Platform Client tools 4.0 Sp2 Patch 15 getting error for suppressed reboot. Check suppressed reboot state – Critical – Missing You reboot the server but you continue receiving the same message and the installation cannot continue   Resolution :-  I faced […]

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Apr 09 2012

Sorting Columns Dynamically

Category: Business ObjectsTauseef @ 1:39 am

Scenario :-   By default we can sort on a column in descending or ascending order or apply custom sort but recently i had a scenario where the user wanted to sort on different columns based on users choice. The report contains 4 columns State, Discount, Quantity Sold, Sales Revenue. We would like to sort […]

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