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Jan 29 2013

Simple but Significant……

Category: XcelsiusArif @ 11:14 am

SAP BOBJ 4.0 Live Office Issue… After installing SAP Business Objects 4.0 Live Office if you don’t see the add on  your Excel sheet then do not panic it’s easy to get that add on excel just Go to the following folder on your C:\Program Files\SAP Business Objects\SAP Business Objects Enterprise XI 4.0\Live Office then […]

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Dec 30 2012

Dates from the Past Week

Category: Business ObjectsIlyas @ 10:07 pm

How do I get the date for any day within the past week? Scenario: My report run’s every day but the data coming into the report is only for Wednesday’s. There can be scenario’s where the data might be missing for the last Wednesday and in this case I needed to show the date for […]

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Oct 24 2012

Display Data and Percentages in Pie Chart – Web Intelligence

Category: Business ObjectsTauseef @ 10:00 pm

Applies to: SAP Business Objects BI 4.0 Summary: The document address a solution to display values and percentages in a Pie Chart in Web Intelligence. In BI 4.0 the values and percentages are displayed when you hover over the Pie but if a user were to use a static version of this where they either […]

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Sep 16 2012

Display Multiple Values Which Are Selected In Parameters

Category: Business ObjectsRizwan Syed @ 3:17 am

As everyone know that when we have a prompt in the report  and need to display the selected values onto the report is done by the User Response function  in Web Intelligence =Userresponse(“Selected Values:”) Now coming in the Crystal Reports if we want to show the selected value in the prompt ,then it’s very easy […]

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