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Aug 13 2013

Dynamic Variable using Input Control

Category: Business ObjectsTauseef @ 3:25 pm

Applies to: SAP Business Objects BI 4.0 Summary: Recently one of my colleagues asked me if there was a way we could manipulate value being used in the formula of a variable using input controls because similar thing can be accomplished using Tableau. My first thought to this is why do you want to use […]

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Jul 11 2013

Enabling Single Sign On on Google Chrome

Category: AdministrationIlyas @ 11:19 am

Scenario: I have configured Single Sign On on the Business Objects Server, but Google Chrome does not automatically sign me in. How do I enable SSO on Google Chome? Solution: Google Chrome is not one of the supported browsers for SAP Business Objects especially when it comes to having single sign on (automatic logon) to […]

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Jun 15 2013

Schedule Manager XI – Working

Category: AdministrationIlyas @ 11:57 am

Scenario: How do I change the database logon information for multiple Crystal Reports at one time? Solution: If you haven’t downloaded and deployed the Schedule Manager yet, then follow the link first├é┬áSchedule Manager XI – Installation 1. The URL for Schedule Manager will be http://[ServerName:PortNumber]/ScheduleManager/default.jsp 2. Enter your credentials to log in 3. At the […]

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Jun 14 2013

Schedule Manager XI – Installation

Category: AdministrationIlyas @ 4:38 pm

Scenario: I have hundreds of reports built using Crystal Reports and the database logon information for these reports is changing. Is there any easy way of changing the database credentials for all these reports at one go ? Solution: Schedule Manager is the tool that can be used to achieve this requirement. It can be […]

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