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Dec 13 2013

How to setup BI4 Custom URL with no /BOE/BI in the URL?

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This post covers setting up a URL that does not include the port number or /BOE/BI in the BI4 URL and could be easily remembered and given to the Business Users.

I have been seeing posts asking how this can be achieved. Unfortunately, this is no out of the box functionality within BI4 and this includes setting up a redirect page.


You have installed SAP BI4.x with Apache Tomcat and the default URL for BILaunchPad you have is



Step1: Setting up a DNS Name

Ask you Network team to have a DNS name created for this newly installed Business Objects. Say for example, a dns name could be like


Step2: Eliminating port 8080 from the URL

Once the DNS name is setup, you should be able to logon to BILaunchPad using the url


Let’s now eliminate the need to enter 8080 in URL. 8080 is basically the port number which is being used by your web application server.

1. On the Business Objects server, go to the server.xml file located at the below location and take a backup of the file

<Install Dir>\SAP BusinessObjects\tomcat\conf

2. Open the server.xml file and look for the HTTP Connector

 <Connector port=”8080″ protocol=”HTTP/1.1″ connectionTimeout=”20000″…..

     Change the connector port from 8080 to 80

3. Close the server.xml file and restart the tomcat.

4. Verify by logging into the BILaunchPad using the link



You should be able to log in to BILaunchPad without having to enter the port number.

Step3: Setting up redirect page

On the Business Objects server, go the following location and look for index.html file. If there is no such file in this location, then create one and name it to “index.html”. Name should be exactly the same.

This file should contain the following html code. Once you have changed the code, save the file.



          <meta http-equiv=”refresh” content=”0;URL=http://businessobjects.mycompany.com/BOE/BI/”>





Step4: Verification

  1. Restart the Tomcat
  2. Now just enter the DNS name in the URL bar, i.e. “businessobjects.mycompany.com”

This should resolve to your BILaunchPad url.




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