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Nov 20 2013

Show Data in Rows in a Single Cell

Category: Business ObjectsTauseef @ 1:39 pm

Applies to :- Business Objects XI R2, XI R3.x, BI 4.x


Scenario :- When building Webi reports we might have sometime wanted to show the rows into a single cell as show below. This documents takes you through step by step instructions on achieving this. We will be using efashion universe and would like to see one row for all stores in a state.
















Solution :-

1. Start a new report and select efashion universe. In your query select State and Store Name as the Result Objects.

2. On the report we would have to create 3 variables inorder to accomplish what we want.

3. Create a variable to calculate Max of Store Name

Syntax : =Max([Store name]) In([State])

4. Create a second variable which will concatenate to its previous value.

Syntax : =[Store name]+”,”+Previous(Self;([State]))

Data in Rows to Single Cell 4









5. Create the third variable to pickup the row which shows all storenames concatenated to each other. use the below formula to accomplish this.In the report just use state and the third variable we created to get the below result.

Syntax : =[VAR – Prev] Where([Store name]=[VAR – Max])

Data in Rows to Single Cell 5


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