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Jul 11 2013

Enabling Single Sign On on Google Chrome

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I have configured Single Sign On on the Business Objects Server, but Google Chrome does not automatically sign me in. How do I enable SSO on Google Chome?


Google Chrome is not one of the supported browsers for SAP Business Objects especially when it comes to having single sign on (automatic logon) to the Business Objects Infoview. But there is a work around to get the single sign on working even with chrome.


1.     Installing IE Tab add on to the Google Chrome:

         Open the Google Chrome browser on the client machine and search for “IE Tab Add on for Chrome” and chose the first link that appear


         Or you can go directly to the below link to add the add on



2.     Adding the ADD ON to Chrome:

       Once you click on the above link, it opens the below link.  Now, click on the button “ADD TO CHROME”

        1.SSO-IE TAB


         On the next screen, select “Add”

         2.SSO-IE TAB


         Once the IE Tab add on gets added, you should see a small ‘Explorer’ icon on the top right corner of the screen.

          3.SSO-IE TAB


3.     Adding the InfoView Portal Link to the IE Tab:

         Once you click on the explorer icon, you will see additional options just below the explorer icon. Select ‘Settings’

          4.SSO-IE TAB


         It will open a new page either on a separate tab or on the same tab itself depending upon what settings you have for Chrome. But once you are on the settings page, look for “AUTO URLs” section and in the Auto URLs section, add the Business Objects link and close the browser and re-open it.

        5.SSO-IE TAB

 4.     You are good to go:

         As soon as you try to open the InfoView, the chrome browser opens an Internet Explorer browser within the Chrome framework and logs you in directly.

         This setting was tested using the Google Chrome Version 28.0.1500.71 m



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