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Jun 15 2013

Schedule Manager XI – Working

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How do I change the database logon information for multiple Crystal Reports at one time?


If you haven’t downloaded and deployed the Schedule Manager yet, then follow the link first Schedule Manager XI – Installation

1. The URL for Schedule Manager will be


2. Enter your credentials to log in

Schedule Manager Welcome Screen

3. At the homepage, the folder’s you see are the folders for reports/ documents, created in Infoview/CMC.

4. Navigate to the folder which has your Crystal Reports that needed a database logon change.

5. Once you are at the report, select ‘[Change Logon Info]’

SM Logon

6. You will now see the report that you have selected. If you would like to select multiple reports, then select the option from the drop and click on ‘Show’


7. Once you have selected all the required reports that you need to change the database logon information, then select the suitable option if you want to connect through Custom Database (ODBC/ Custom Driver) or use the original database.

Once you have changed the logon information, select ‘Commit logon info’ which is at the bottom.

Commit To Change

8. Once committed, then you are done. Go to the report through CMC, right click and select Database Configuration and check if the logon information is changed.

Note: One thing to keep in mind is that when you are at Step5, and when you select a report to Change Logon, the list of reports that you get when you want to see all the reports will be only of those linked to the exact database server name and it is case-sensitive.

Case Sensitive

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One Response to “Schedule Manager XI – Working”

  1. jamesteng says:

    I tested this scheduleManager today, but it looks like does not work for me. It only changes the datasource as custom datasource, but what I want to do is change the original design datasource to the new location.

    I tried many ways, but still can not find a way to do that.

    Could you please know how to do that, thanks.

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