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Jun 14 2013

Schedule Manager XI – Installation

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I have hundreds of reports built using Crystal Reports and the database logon information for these reports is changing. Is there any easy way of changing the database credentials for all these reports at one go ?


Schedule Manager is the tool that can be used to achieve this requirement. It can be downloaded from the SAP Website as a zip file and installed on to BOXI 3.1 server.

Step1: Download the tool from the link below

Schedule Manager XI – Download

I know the version of this tool is pretty old, but this is the best that I could find.

Step2: After downloading the tool, rename the zip file to ScheduleManager.war

Step3: It is recommended that you keep this war file within the Business Objects Enterprise Folders where all .war files reside. So move the ScheduleManager.war file to

<Installation Directory>\ Business Objects\ deployment\ workdir\ tomcat55\ application

Step4: Now go to the Tomcat Homepage. It can be navigated from

Start -> Programs -> Tomcat -> Tomcat Homepage

Select ‘Tomcat Manager’ under Administration to your left side.

Tomcat Menu

It can also be directly accessed through the link


You will need to provide username and password to login. If you don’t know the credentials, then it can set/ found from a tomcat-users.xml file which will be located at \ Tomcat55\ conf

Step5: Once you are on the Tomcat Manager page, scroll down to WAR Files to Deploy

Tomcat Deploy

Browser to the location of ScheduleManager.war files which you saved in Step3 and click the Deploy.

Step6: It should take less than a minute, probably a few seconds and once it is deployed you should see the ScheduleManager under Applications in the Tomcat Manager page itself.

Tomcat Apps

Step7: Now to go Central Configuration Manager

Start -> Programs -> BusinessObjects XI 3.1 -> BusinessObjects Enterprise -> Central Configuration Manager

Select the Apache Tomcat, right click it and select RESTART

Step8: Once the Tomcat is restarted, you can access the Schedule Manager via


If you are not able to open the Schedule Manager through this link, then logon to Tomcat Manager and double the ScheduleManager under the Application. It should then open the Schedule Manager in a browser.

Step9: Provide your CMS name, your Business Objects User Name and Password along with the Authentication type to log in.

Schedule Manager Welcome Screen


Go to the post Schedule Manager – Working if you are looking for step by step to change the database logon information.


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