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Sep 02 2012

Custom Map in Dashboard Design(California By Region)

Category: SAP Dashboards,XcelsiusRizwan Syed @ 1:29 am

Custom Maps in Dashboard Design

In Xcelsius(Dashboard Design) as we have a  Map of California with the county but at one of the client place I need to show the Map of California by Regions,so basically as we dont have such map in xcelsius.To work around to build the custom Map for it by using the image component and Icon Component in Xcelsius.

Following Steps to be taken place to achive Map of California by Region

* Open xcelsius drag and drop the Image Component on the canvas

* Find the map for a California by region in jpg format



* Import the jpg file in image component


* Take the Icon Component 5 in number for each region and place each of those on each region


*Idea behind for taking Icon Component is  when we select(or click) any region those specific information to be displayed in spread sheet component.

*For Each Icon Component I have assign the code for it



* When we click any region based on the code  it will display that region data in spreadsheet, and for doing it so a logic has to written in xcelsius-excelsheet and few change need to make for selecting the data insertion for a icon component. When we click let’s say for a “Central” so central has a value of 2 which will insert  the value in “A4″Cell and then based on the A4 cell value then I have written a logic in b4,c4,d4  and so on to display its region data.


Finally  Map Component.



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