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Aug 21 2012

Tables and Charts as Input Controls BI 4.0

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Scenario :-

This post discusses using Charts and Tables as Input Control.

Resolution :-

I started by creating a query against efashion Universe. I have selected objects [Year], [Quarter], [Sales Revenue], [Quantity Sold] in my Result Objects pane. Run the query and create a Pie chart using [Year] and [Quantity Sold] and create a horizontal table using the object [Quarter] as below

Next add a Vertical table to the right of the above Pie chart which has [Year], [Quarter], [Sales Revenue], [Quantity Sold] as the columns. We will be using the Pie Chart and the Horizontal table as our source for filter and the Vertical table will be filtered based on the selection made on either the Pie Chart or Horizontal table.

In order for this to work we need to add “Element Link” to both the Pie Chart and Horizontal table. In the steps below we will see how to create an element link for the Pie Chart you repeat the steps for the table.

1. Right Click on the Pie Chart

2. Select Linking – > Add Element Link you should see the screen below. Remember you can create the input filter on a dimension. Hence you are seeing the [Year] dimension and do not see the measure.

3. Select [Year] and click next. Follow the instructions on the next screens.

4. In the followup screen you will be asked to select the report element you would like apply the input control this cannot be the Pie chart since we are creating a input control on it. I have selected the vertical table.

In the below images i have clicked on [Year] = 2006 and [Quarter] = 4


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  1. Ilyas says:

    This is just what I was looking for..Good explanation!!

    Another question; Is there any way that I can capture the inputs entered in a variable?

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