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May 14 2012

Using Flash Variables in Dashboard Design 4.0 – Juz 2

Category: XcelsiusTauseef @ 10:50 pm

Scenario :-  

What is Flash Variable? How Can we create linked Dashboards? How Can i pass data from Parent to Child SWF ? Can we communicate data between Dashboards ?

Resolution :-

This post is a follow up post to Using Flash Variables in Dashboard Design 4.0 – Juz 1. Below are the step that will allow us to answer the questions posed in the scenario using Flash Variables one of the data providers provided in Xcelsius/Dashboard Design. The solution involves the use of a Parent and Child SWF files where a values is passed from the Parent to Child.

1. Create a Child Dashboard that shows images of wonders of the world as below.

2. In your child Dashboard Open Data Manager  and select Flash Variable as a connection as shown below. Bind the range for varible data to the input for your child dashboard.

3. Now Create your Parent Dashboard and have separate cells assigned to each of the below imput

SWF source - This will be the location where your child swf is stored.

Range Name - This is the name of range you create for the flash variable.

Input Parameter - This is the value that will be passed to the child SWF.

Destination Link - This is the link that is generated by concatenation the above three values.

For Example =<Cell Reference SWF Source>&”?”&<Cell Reference Range Name>&”=”&<Cell Reference Input Parameter>


4. The destination for your selection component should be mapped to cell assigned for Input Parameter.

you can look at the dashboard created using flash variable here


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3 Responses to “Using Flash Variables in Dashboard Design 4.0 – Juz 2”

  1. Administrator says:

    Hi Kento,

    Sorry i couldn’t reply soon was away for a month on vacation. The loading count is a feature of Flash and not something i had added. The loading count shows percentage of image that has been loaded on your browser. The initializing of the images depends on the network or internet speed at the customers system so it could vary from one to another for the Dashboard to load. Hope i answered your question.


  2. kento says:

    Hi Tauseef,

    Can you send me this flash variable dashboard source file ?


  3. kento says:

    Hi Tauseef ,

    After looked at your dashboard created by using flash variable, I’m very interested to know how you do the “Loading” count before the images shown on the dashboard.

    Do you mind to share?

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