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May 21 2012

Implementing Open Document in Xcelsius 2008

Category: Business Objects,XcelsiusRizwan Syed @ 1:49 am

Due to limitations of a  Xcelsius Dashboard we should come up with  splitting the dashboard into 2 SWF’s.One of the  limitation is  the time taken for a dashboard to load the data on the run time,  other  limitation is the performance of a dashboard to pull data at the time of selecting filters  and  sometimes we pull more data through the queries into a xcelsius dashboard, it leads to increase  the size of an  .xlf file.In order to overcome these challenges even if we use SWF loader into the  single .xlf file(single SWF) it doesn’t make any difference as such the size of an .xlf file remain the same ,due to this reason we should use this concept  breaking down  one swf into 2 swf  which is called as Parent to Child. Parent to Child Relationship can be maintain using the connection called  Flash Variables.

Below is a brief description of how I configured Parent Dashboard to Child Dashboard:

created the Parent dashboard for  which has 4 parameters like





So  four QAWS queries are build and bind to  xcelsius

Combo Box Period  filter Destination cell: Sheet2!$B$5

Combo Box Division  filter Destination cell: Sheet2!$D$2

Combo Box Region filter Destination cell: Sheet2!$E$2

Combo Box Tile  filter Destination cell: Sheet2!$AF$1

Now  when the Parent SWF is open and select any kind of combinations from the combo box selections and these combo box destination  cell values should need to capture and has to pass to child SWF using the Flash Variable. For doing so I have taken the URL Button Components and written the Opendoc  for it.

Open Doc : Server Name + jsp +&sIDType=CUID&sKind=Flash&lsSPeriod_Name=”&X8&”&lsSDivision_Name=”&X10&”&lsSRegion_Name=”&X12&”&lsSTitle=”&X14

Server Name +jsp+CUID of the child dashboard and followed by the combo box filter destination cells.

When we click on the URL Button “Next” it basically capture the combo box destination cell values and capture it by flash variables which is in the child dashboard.

Child Dashboard:

Flash variables should be taken in the child dashboard

Select “XML” in the drop down box in the variable format option.

Variable Data name should be exact name which we pass from the Opendoc  funtionality.

Finally when we are in the Child dashboard SWF ,then if we want to go back to the Parent Dashboard(SWF) then  we have take the URL Button in child dashboard  then write the Opendoc functionality  which has to include the CUID of the Parent Dashboard.


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