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May 16 2012

Increase the number of rows/columns fetched in Xcelsius from Live office.

Category: Business Objects,XcelsiusRizwan Syed @ 10:07 pm


   – When we connect Xcelsius with Live Office, we can fetch maximum of 512
rows and 512 columns only.
– If we try to fetch rows or columns greater than 512, it does not
display the data in Xcelsius. 


   – Xcelsius 2008
– Live Office XI R2 / 3.1 Service Pack 3
– Business Objects Enterprise Release 2 Service Pack 2
– Business Objects Enterprise 3.1 Service Pack 3
– Operating System: Windows XP / Solaris 10
– Oracle Application Server 10 g
– Microsoft Office 2003 

Reproducing the Issue 

   1. Create an Xcelsius model based on Live Office connection.
2. Insert a selector component in the dashboard.
3. Define the data range for the selector to take more than 512 rows and
512 columns.
4. Preview the model.
5. Notice that the selector displays only 512 rows and 512 columns. 


Xcelsius by default fetches only 512 rows and 512 columns from Live Office. 


1. To enable Xcelsius fetch more than 512 rows and 512 columns from Live
Office connection we need to make changes to liveoffice_config.properties

2. The liveoffice_config.properties file is present inside
dsws-liveoffice-provider.jar file. 

3. Following is the location for dsws-liveoffice-provider.jar file: 

    o For Business Objects Enterprise Release 2 with Tomcat Server: 

            \program files\Business
Objects\Tomcat\work\Catalina\localhost\dswsbobje\loader\META-INF\Businessob jects\DSWS. 

    o For Business Objects Enterprise 3.1 with Tomcat Server: 

            \Program Files\Business

    o For Business Objects Enterprise 3.1 with Oracle Application Server: 


4. Copy dsws-liveoffice-provider.jar file to any other location and rename
it as dsws-liveoffice-provider.zip. 

5. Open dsws-liveoffice-provider.zip file and locate
liveoffice_config.properties file under the following path:

6. Edit the liveoffice_config.properties file with notepad and change the
maxRowCount and maxColumnCount from 512 to any greater values. 

7. Rename dsws-liveoffice-provider.zip to dsws-liveoffice-provider.jar. 

8. Stop Tomcat Server/Oracle Application Server. 

9. Replace dsws-liveoffice-provider.jar located at the path mentioned in the
step 3 with modified dsws-liveoffice-provider.jar file. 

10. Start Tomcat Server/Oracle Application Server. 

11. Now preview the dashboard and selector would display greater than 512
rows and 512 columns. 


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