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May 17 2012

Export To Excel Data From Dashboard

Category: XcelsiusRizwan Syed @ 9:10 am

One of the client requirement was to export the data from xcelsius dashboard into an excel sheet .

So to achieve it I have done these steps:

1)  Firstly  I have created a simple dashboard with the 4 QAWS Queries


2) Qaws Queries  are  mapped in xcelsius : Go to manage connection in xcelsius , add those queries which will pull data  into the dashboard.

3) Mapping the input values and the out pout values of those QAWS queries  to the respectively  cells in the xcelsius accordingly

4) After building the simple dashboard  then I have taken XML Data as a connection type

Setting Up XML Data Connection:

i)Enable send  will be used for  “Selecting the Cells which need to send to excel sheet”

Mapping cells are

ii) Enable Load is Name = URLDummy and select the range as only one  destination cell  (sheet1 N1)

iii) XML Data URL is “http://rizwan-hp:8080/ExportToExcelv3/index.jsp”

iv) So there will be a small file which has to be placed  in Webapps Location to point out      “ExportToExcelv3″

5) Take two compnents one is  refresh button and other is  Url button

i) Export (Connection Refresh Button):Show all the available connections, uncheck all the connections except the XML Data connection

ii) Open/Save button is Nothing but the URL button :

URL button should map to one (sheet1N1) cell , where Enable Load in XML Data connection is bind to that one cell

Finally  after  preview the dashboard, when we click the export button , xml connection (enable send which is bind to  cells(M4 -013 cells) data is captures into the temp file which is in Webapps location and if we want to open the file in excelsheet or save the data locally then click OPEN/SAVE Button)


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